Updated Server List

Outlaw3 AdminMVP posted Aug 6, 17

Updated GrandiCraft Server List


Resonant Rise 4 -

FTB Beyond - 1.10.0

Sky Factory 3 - 3.0.13


Troll Craft - 1.0.1

Simply Magic - 1.1.6


GrandNickyNick FounderOwnerArtist posted Jul 16, 17

Hello all, Grandi here to announce that we have closed our Resonant Rise 3 (Mainline) and Direwolf20 (1.10.2) servers. Map downloads can be found here

Thank you for playing GrandiCraft servers!



GrandNickyNick FounderOwnerArtist posted Jul 6, 17

Hello all, Grandi here to announce that ‘GrandiCraft Servers’ has been an active project for one whole year. Over the course of that year we have grown and developed a grand total of 10 various servers on 3 seprate launchers. 

Originally GrandiCraft was planned to be a small circle of 3 equally small servers for the Tronopolis Minecraft community to continue playing on a Towny based platform with such mod packs as Resonant Rise 3, Simply Magic, and Primordial Evolution. Gradually the community grew larger than we were anticipating and we expanded. Id like to thank everyone who has contributed to this project as if weren’t for you we wouldn’t be where we are today.

I am not going to go as if there hasn’t been bumps in our community however, we are looking forward and working on improving our craft. 

 • GrandiCraft Team •


GrandNickyNick FounderOwnerArtist posted Jun 3, 17

Hello ladies and gentlemen of GrandiCraft, Grandi here with a few updates regaurding our chunk loaders and servers we currently Host.

Chunkloaders •

  Until a suitable replacement  has been published for SpongeForge we will be disabling BetterChunkLoaders on our 1.10.2+ servers.

Servers • 

[1.7.10] - Resonant Rise 3, Simply Magic, and Space Astronomy

[1.10.2] - Direwolf20, Resonant Rise 4, SkyFactory 3, and FTB Beyond

Summer Sale •

All Dimlets are on sale for 30% off until July 15th!

• GrandiCraft Administration •

Monthly Downtime.

GrandNickyNick FounderOwnerArtist posted May 2, 17

Servers are currently undergoing a scheduled monthly maintenance.

Servers Affected:

RR3, RR4, Simply Magic, Space Astronomy, SkyFactory 3, Direwolf20, FTB Beyond

Downtime ETA:

4 Hours

Thanks you for supporting GrandiCraft and we hope to see you all very soon!

"Stay Grand"

Grandi @GrandiCraft Servers

XibioPlays Is this maintenance happening now? Me and my friend are woried since most of the servers are down. Thank you